Asbestos-free sheet in various industries and agriculture.


Natural features of fiber cement contribute to the preservation of the optimal indoor environment of industrial facilities and warehouses. Asbestos-free sheet is the best alternative to the metal profile, as no condensate is formed, which destroys the roof. Maintaining the indoor temperature is an important issue for industrial facilities. Asbestos-free roof contributes to this, because it does not heat up and, accordingly, does not heat the room. In addition to a pleasant indoor environment, it gives a significant saving of energy resources. Asbestos-free sheets can be combined with transparent sheets, which allows daylight to enter the warehouse. This widely used in Europe combination is practical as it provides significant savings: energy, installation of windows, etc.


Unlike other roofing materials, fiber cement sheets are resistant to corrosion formed in the process of animal life, so our material is an ideal solution for any size farm or stable. The properties of not heating of fiber cement and maintaining indoor microclimate facilitate the animal care conditions. It is important to note that as per EU Regulation no. 305 establishing product export to the EU countries, the manufacturer must declare that the production process is done in accordance with the established quality system, indicating the substances that fall under the EU Regulation no. 1907 (REACH)* * The finished product should not have direct contact with asbestos materials.

International Organizations

International charity funds working exclusively according to international standards prefer asbestos-free roofs. International and European financial institutions, and as a result, legal entities registered in the EU, provide financial and credit support for the construction of infrastructure exclusively using the asbestos-free materials.

Міжнародні організації, підтримка матеріалів, що не містять азбест

Asbestos-free sheets – the best solution for your business.

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