About the Ivano-Frankivskcement company

PJSC Ivano-Frankivskcement is a roofing sheet manufacturer with more than 50 years of history.

We are the leader on the Ukrainian market in the sale of asbestos-cement sheets over the last decades. However, we cannot stay away from the processes taking place in the European roofing market. After all, we share same values: environmental protection, safe and decent working conditions, constant modernization.

Our company has always set new roofing market trends and we continue to promote our leadership mission and idea. Not waiting for an official ban PJSC Ivano-Frankivskcement renounced the production of asbestos sheets in 2021.

Today we offer a technically improved alternative to traditional sheets – asbestos-free fiber-cement sheets. This environmentally friendly product is ready to be a reliable and durable roof.

Quality control of your order throughout the production process.

Шифер хвильовий фіброцементний, виробництво в Івано-Франківську

Photo from production

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